30th and 31st January

Online Store Representative  | 565€ (+vat)
Solution/Service for E-commerce  | 1250€ (+vat)

31st January

Online Store Representative  | 270€ (+vat)
Solution/Service for E-commerce  |  850€ (+vat)

What is included 

  • Presentations
  • 1-to-1 meetings**
  • Accommodation 4-star hotel*
  • Dinner*
  • Cocktail*
  • Quality networking
  • Lunch

* included only in the 2-day ticket.
** only for online stores and sponsors


In order to guarantee the network quality, the online store registrations are subject to approval. It is required that organizations are in the top 200 Portuguese online stores and that the participant is a decision maker within the organization (CEO, CMO, CDO, CTO, CIO, Manager or Head).